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Terms and Conditions - Collection Competitions 

Fantastec SWAP basketball collections consist of multiple digital collectibles of your favorite university basketball stars. You can use any collectible within your collection to enter SWAP’s weekly Collection Competitions to win exciting prizes. Competitions will vary throughout the year but will consist of activities like: Pick the top scorer, the top rebounder and/or the assists leader. Collection Competitions are announced via our Carousel above the in-app newsfeed as well as within the collections themselves where they are presented as a header to the collection.

How to enter the Collection Competitions:

1. Install the SWAP APP

2. Look for weekly Collection Competitions within each collection

3. Make a selection from the NFTs you have within your collection to be successful in the stated category or categories (e.g., Most Points, Most Rebounds, Most Assist)

4. If you do not have a player you want to enter any competition with, simply tap her/his grayed out image and you will be directed to the secondary market. If that card exists you can purchase it as a fully signed up user and enter it before the stated deadline

5. You can also purchase further team packs with four (4) randomly drawn digital collectibles in each to secure even more players for your collection. (Note: Country and currency variations may occur during retail purchases despite our best efforts to keep the pack costs similar between all regions.)

6. Completing any collection usually brings opportunities for additional prizes, so stay tuned!

Every SWAP owner of digital collectibles may list any of their digital collectible(s) on the peer-to-peer secondary market for any price they desire. If your digital collectible is purchased your account will be credited for the full amount less the 5% transaction fee. 

How can you win and what is the prize?

Each week a random name will be drawn from the list of people who submitted the correct player based upon the official stats published by the universities. If there are no successful entries submitted the promoters reserve the right to randomly reward runner-up prizes from other entries. One fan can be selected to win one prize per week only. The number of entries per category may fluctuate from week-to-week during BETA testing of SWAP Collection Competitions. Prizes will be announced and will vary each week. 

Deadline to enter the challenge:
The entry deadline will always be 12 noon (ET) every Saturday for weekend games or 12 noon (ET) on the day of any weekday game.

Declaration of winners:

Collection Competition winners will be contacted by or announced via; the Fantastec SWAP Newsfeed as well as our social media channels. Winners will be contacted no later than 72-hours after each contest closes and will have a further 72-hours to respond to claim their prize. 

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