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Fantastec SWAP x Flow Fest

Welcome to the best NFTs in sports.


To claim your free pack of NFTs, simply:

1) Download the Fantastec SWAP app on either Google Play or the App Store.

2) Complete sign up or continue as a guest user, but please make sure to sign up later so you can keep your NFTs safe! 3) Enter your promo code on the Homepage.

4) Open your free pack of NFT collectible moments.

5) SWAP with other users if you'd like.


Use Promocode:

Promocode will appear here:

You'll soon be able to buy and sell your NFTs on secondary marketplace - coming soon. In the meantime make sure that you join our incredible Discord community for updates, exclusive competitions and other ways to earn prizes (digitally and physically), view the behind-the-scenes, take part in prototype testing and much more. Most importantly, you'll be part of the one of the best and friendliest communities around. Get SWAPPIN'!

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