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Score with Sean - Game Day Challenge

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Sean Tucker NFT holders can earn prizes when they

“Score with Sean”

The Sean Tucker collection consists of 12 distinctive NFTs - each one a unique design commemorating  the 12 games Syracuse will play in the 2022 College Football season.

A 'gold level' pack purchased from the 'Score with Sean' collection will include all 12 distinctive NFTs, one for each of Syracuse’s 12 football games, each with a random mint#. With the exception of the first game on 3rd September, there is an opportunity for a fan owner of these Sean Tucker NFTs to earn more prizes by entering the game-specific NFT to the entry board.​

  • How to enter the 'Score with Sean' challenge

  1. Consumers who install the Fantastec Swap app can purchase (for $99*) a gold rarity level 'Score with Sean' NFT Pack from the 'Score with Sean' collection, by selecting the ‘Get Packs’ button and completing an In-app purchase. A maximum of 5 sets can be purchased by each user. Each pack includes a complete set containing 12 NFTs , one for each game, with a random mint number.  Up to 200 packs will be for sale. 

  2. Swap user owners of 'Score with Sean' NFTs may list their individual game Sean Tucker NFT(s) on the secondary market. Swap users who have a fully signed up Fantastec Swap account will be able to buy these NFTs and enter on the appropriate and respective game week in via the collection Enter button.

  3. Up to Ten (10) randomly selected packs of Sean Tucker NFTs will be held back for promotional purposes. At a future date at the discretion of Fantastec SWAP, these 'Score with Sean' promotional NFTs could be inserted into other Syracuse collection packs to be discovered. User owners will be able to submit those NFTs for entry in the appropriate game week.

* Variations in country of purchase and currency exchange rates will result in retail purchase prices varying through the in-app purchase feature on mobile. 

  • How do you “Score with Sean”?:

    There are five ways in which prizes can be won.

  1. Total Yards from Scrimmage  -  If your NFT mint # for that game matches Sean’s total yards (running + receiving) from that game you secure an exclusive Sean Tucker SIGNED T-Shirt

  2. Total Running Yards - If your NFT mint # for that game matches Sean’s total running yards for the game, you secure an exclusive  Sean Tucker T-Shirt 

  3. Total Receiving Yards - If your NFT mint # for that game matches Sean’s total pass receiving yards for that game, you secure an exclusive  Sean Tucker T-Shirt

  4. FAN BONUS 1 - Any time Sean Tucker gains more than 100-yards on the ground, all users who own a 'Score with Sean' NFT for that game will be awarded a commemorative NFT featuring a Sean Tucker action image from that very game.  These will not be made for sale publicly and therefore offer a genuine keepsake for any Sean Tucker fan.

  5. FAN BONUS 2 - All Sean Tucker NFT holders will be eligible for an Ask Me Anything Live/Zoom session during the Syracuse bye week of October 6th 2022.

Game Statistics 

Verified game statistics of each game will be collected from

A period of up to 48 hours after the game ends will be allocated to allow officials to make adjustments to in-game stats. 


Declaration of Winners

After the 48 hour post game period elapses, Score with Sean winners will be declared accordingly.

Please note that it is possible that not every game may result in a 'Score with Sean' winner on account of the winning NFT mint# not being entered by a user into that game week or the NFT with the winning mint# still being in an unopened pack.


  • How will the winners be announced after every game?

  1. Fantastec Swap Newsfeed Post

  2. Fantastec Swap posts in its social channels


  • Winner prizes


  1. ​Fantastec Swap will contact winners with their registered email address and arrange for delivering of physical items such as T-shirts and signed merchandise

  2. Exclusive NFTs won by 'Score with Sean' users will be ‘gifted’ into the users SWAP account in special packs. These will become available this Fall at a date or selection of dates to be published by Fantastec Swap. The modest delay in delivery is to ensure images are used featuring Sean Tucker from the specific game, and to allow time for these exclusive NFTs to be crafted, minted and packed to the quality and standard becoming of the celebrated moment.


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