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GOING FAST - 20/21 Arsenal NFTs - It's almost full-time

NFTs are selling FAST....VERY FAST and the vintage Arsenal season 20/21 NFT digital collectibles are just about all gone. So how can you get yours before they disappear? Open the Fantastec SWAP app (don't have one download it for free via any app store).. Then surf around to the different collections from the more common Amber to the very rare Legendary. There's 15 different levels and sometimes multiple collections within a level. Once you decide which collection and Arsenal memories you want forever then simply click on the "GET PACKS" button at the bottom of each collection page and you are one-click away from getting your desired NFTs. Each collection is carefully crafted by our football loving design team and some have been co-created with the Arsenal players themselves. If get duplicates or simply want to dispose of any part of your collection new tech features are coming soon that will allow you to do that (Don't tell too many friends because we have not announced this yet). The point is the 2020/21 Arsenal men's and women's NFT collections likely won't last much longer so you have got to move fast and act today. Good luck.

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