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2022 - Here we come

The first day of the New Year and our tech team have successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of NFTs, and accounts onto the FLOW blockchain. Well done to our very talented team! Don't underestimate the complexity of making this happen for our fans. In fact there is no playbook as no-one has ever done this type of mega-NFT migration before. A temporary casualty is our very popular SWAP function. Ever since we added the machine learning feature to this unique AI function you have been SWAPPING at an incredible rate. In fact in November alone our fans SWAPPED as much as they had in the prior 12-months. That's unheard of growth and of course it helps build even more SWAP communities across borders and cultures. Don't worry as we are pushing to have SWAPPING return as soon as we can. But given our new secondary market we think everyone will be quite busy buying and selling player profiles as you get used to this new feature for our fans. . So Fantastec is the first new collection to be on FLOW in 2022. But the fun will not stop there. We have new collections, new challenges and new quests planned for every month in 2022.

Now that we are on FLOW you will also see even more collaboration with Dapper Labs as they expand into the NFL, Cricket and La Liga amongst other sports Dapper need and want to work closer with Fantastec SWAP, The Best NFTs in Sports. More details on this increased working relationship will be forthcoming later in 2022. For now you can take comfort in the fact any Fantastec SWAP NFT you purchase will be a critical foundational part of our future plans. So a quick wink and a nod to say it's best to get in early and often with our SWAP NFT collections. Enjoy 2022 and all of its challenges, we certainly will.

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