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Breaking Records - For The Fans

Records are made to be broken and during this unprecedented Covid-19 era, digital is taking over. Here’s how we achieved a record of our own in the hottest sector today.

NFTs are exploding into mainstream media as artists, influencers and sports teams are learning the value of digital collectibles and blockchain technology. At SWAP we already know their importance, right now and for the future.

We’ve been creating, curating and selling NFTs for 2-years, innovating at every step of the way. But could our team achieve something no one has ever done before? Releasing a collection in less than 24 hours after an event.

On February 25th one of our partner teams, Arsenal, played against Benfica in the Europa League. A win would see them move onto the next round. After 90 minutes of pure football magic from the Gunners, their fans all over the world were crazed with joy celebrating the win.

As the final whistle blew our timer started. First we tackled the most time consuming process, the designs. We sent out design tests to our global network of users so we could make the collection they wanted. Instead of taking days these tests ran overnight and the next morning we compiled the mass of data and jumped to the next step.

The thorough approval process with Arsenal saw the raw NFTs being reviewed in detail and given the thumbs up, ready to be turned into forever lasting digital collectibles.

Our in-house developed, semi-automated system was fired up ready to be put to the ultimate test. The essential fan-desired ingredients were prepared, checked, and uploaded for the NFTs to be created, minted and uploaded on our blockchain system.

The team’s hard work had paid off as the NFTs were now ready to go live in the SWAP app. With the click of a button fans were able to purchase these record breaking collectibles and the timer stopped at 16 hours and 50 minutes.

Within the first 3-minutes of being on-sale an Arsenal fan still high from the win of the previous night bought a full set for £59.99. Within 24 hours this unique collection being live for sale, this collection sold over 50% of its allotment. People went into a trading frenzy making Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s memorable 87th minute gaming winning goal the most requested NFT in the history of our SWAP app.

Here at SWAP we know how amazing it feels to be a fan. We also love the taste of victory. That’s why we challenged ourselves, to help fans around the world collect and own every exceptional moment that matters most to them.

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