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Diversity @ Fantastec SWAP Equals Success

We are extremely proud of our diverse team as well as our diverse thinking at Fantastec. As one example, take a look at our NFT design and production team and quickly you will note more than 75% of the team have diverse backgrounds. Importantly this diversity is throughout the team starting at our leadership positions and including up and coming NFT designers. Diversity is important at Fantastec as we feel it helps distinguish our NFT collections for the varied sports fan constituents around the globe. So instead of falling into the "one-look, one-design" mentality others embrace, our team is constantly experimenting with varied looks to asses their appeal to the young. the old, the cool and the bold. This diverse mindset helped in 2019 when we convinced our first NFT client, Arsenal FC, to launch their women's and men's teams NFTs on equal terms and at the exact same time. Admittedly there were some awkward moments getting some old school football guys to be opened minded to our different perspective. Eventually our COO put forward a compelling case and she was elated once the "football boys" understood the positive impact this could have on the women's game. Fortunately it worked and it worked well for both the men's and the women's team. Fast forward to the 20/21 football season and Real Madrid launch their own women's team. Fantastec were there not merely cheering these pioneering women on but also capturing magical moments we could craft into valued NFTs for global sports fans. It was inspiring and exciting to watch this determined team be so successful in their inaugural campaign. Many of these unique NFTs can now be found on our uber active secondary market. Fantastec are proud to be leaders within the NFT sector since we launched our first collection in 2019. But we are equally proud to be leaders in diversity within the NFT sector since our inception


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