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Fantastec SWAP’s Millions of NFTs are Moving to Flow, the Next-Gen Blockchain Platform

Home to NBA Top Shot, Flow provides an instant secondary market for global SWAP fans to earn economic value from their fandom

London (June 14) - Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd. a worldwide leader in creating NFTs at scale, announced today Fantastec SWAP NFTs will be relaunched later this summer on Flow, a next-generation blockchain chosen for its unique combination of scalability, usability, and environmentally sustainable features. Fantastec will port over millions of their NFTs and are building a new marketplace on Flow with 15 distinctive levels of craftsmanship and creativity to engage sports fans of all backgrounds. The fan-friendly move provides SWAP collectors increased value creation opportunities through a secondary market feature being added to SWAP’s industry-leading primary market.

Fantastec SWAP users will now be able to sell or buy NFTs on a peer-to-peer basis with functionality that compliments SWAP’s existing primary market where users can buy NFT collector packs of varying scarcity and swap their NFTs with other collectors.

In recent seasons, Fantastec SWAP’s collections have included highly unique NFTs ranging from distinctive collectibles such as Erling Haaland’s signature from his first season with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, to iconic moments including Gareth Bale’s match-winning bicycle kick for Real Madrid in the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final.

Simon Woollard, Fantastec Co-Founder and Product Development Partner outlined the fan virtues for this new feature: “This is a significant upgrade for our worldwide SWAP fan community. Over the last few seasons we have consistently crafted a memorable range of unique NFTs and we are especially proud to have created the first ever women’s football NFT collections with the Arsenal women’s team. There have been so many special players and moments throughout the past three European football seasons - now our SWAP fans have the option to sell these highly prized NFTs via the Flow secondary market. It’s an exciting milestone and brings powerful new features to worldwide fans utilising our platform today and in the future.”

Since late 2017, Fantastec has been pioneering the ownership of magical sports moments through NFTs using blockchain technology to drive reciprocal value for fans. The launch of Fantastec SWAP in February 2018 has since led to millions of NFTs capturing football moments becoming cherished by fans throughout its global ecosystem. Fantastec considers it a natural progression to mint its future NFT assets on Flow, given the technological advancements of the blockchain space and growing needs of NFT owners.

Flow was conceived and developed by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. Mik Nayeem, Dapper Labs Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer commented, “We’re excited to be able to bring the uniqueness and scale of the Fantastec SWAP NFTs into Flow, expanding our next-generation ecosystem. The SWAP team’s experience, coupled with the passion of their collectors, will be a perfect fit for Flow.”


About Fantastec SWAP

Since 2018 Fantastec SWAP has been crafting and minting NFTs for sports teams including Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal men’s and women’s teams. SWAP quickly climbed to the #1 downloaded freemium sports app status in several countries including the UK where it pushed Man United to 2nd and SkyBet to 3rd. SWAP has over 2 million NFTs in global circulation as fans have fallen in love with the NFTs co-created with many of footballs' best players. SWAP NFTs are uniquely available via any APP store. For more information on Fantastec SWAP contact:

About Flow Blockchain

Flow is a next-generation blockchain, recognized for its unique combination of scalability, usability, and environmentally sustainable features. Based on a novel architecture developed by the first NFT standard inventor and Dapper Labs CTO Dieter Shirley, the Flow architecture is designed to make it easier for developers to build consumer-friendly applications on the blockchain, including NFTs. Flow is an open source platform anyone can develop on. The FLOW token is trading on public exchanges outside of the US and Canada.

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