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Football Leaders in Goals & Fans

Arsenal’s leading goalscorer, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has scored 9 goals so far this season. Someone else playing under the Arsenal banner has hit the back of the net more than double that amount.

There is a lot of discussion today around equality - particularly within the sporting sphere. However, what is undeniable is that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue what they love and are good at.

Meet Vivianne Miedema, Dutch football superstar and Arsenal Women’s goal scoring machine. She’s scored 19 goals so far this season. And yes, you can collect her magical moments on the SWAP app.

Sure, you can go buy a pack of football stickers and put it in your Arsenal Women’s sticker book, or even pick up some Topps Match Attax cards and file them away in your plastic folder.

Hopefully by now you’ve realised the problem.

“Wait, there are no women’s football collectibles like that!”


So when we launched our first collection back in 2019, we became the first and still are the only platform where fans could collect NFTs of digital autographs and exclusive video collectibles of their favourite Arsenal Women’s players.

Everytime we post about AWFC, fans come in droves. Initially this was because there is nothing like SWAP for the Women’s game. Now there is and fan’s love it. Their craving for more engagement. The men’s team is featured in video games, they have stickers, cards and even bobbleheads. So when SWAP said, “Hey, want to collect and own AWFC content you can’t get anywhere else?”, fans went crazy.

Following the launch of our 2019/20 season collections, the response from Dutch Arsenal fans was unprecedented. They became the most active demographic on our app and initially owned almost two-thirds of all the Arsenal Women’s collectibles we minted on the blockchain.

All of this focus we gave to the Women’s game will pay dividends long-term. We are certain of that. In fact each week we get great messages from Women’s football fans around the globe like the one below.

Notes like this from genuine fans of the Women’s game keeps our entire team motivated.

From day one, SWAP has been supporting AWFC on equal terms to the men’s side. We will continue to provide engaging and exclusive NFTs so all fans can feel closer to the clubs they love.

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