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How Many SWAPs Could A Swapper SWAP....

There has been a lot of great sport in July so far with everything from the Euros, to Wimbledon, to The British Grand Prix and The Open.

But one sport that has risen well over 500% in the first 15-days of July is Fantastec SWAP.

Yes, our global fanbase is easily on track to break the all-time record for SWAPs in a month.

But what are the key reasons why we attribute such a huge increase in SWAP activity over such a brief 15-day period? Here’s my top three reasons:

1. SWAP Competition - Many of our active players are desperate for our next clue about our upcoming late-July release as they don't want to miss out on some very valuable assets. To get the clue you had to complete at least 50 SWAPs and our core consumers jumped in straight away to ensure they don’t miss out on the up-coming gold mine!

2. SWAP Collections - Now that we have instituted a lock button feature where consumers can stop any offers on their most prized collectibles, many are actively looking to trade away duplicates or less liked players that they have not locked away. This has translated into more daily SWAPs over a 2-week period than ever before.

3. SWAP Gems - We have recently released some historic and higher valued collectibles. This has allowed fans to purchase these limited editions and offer them for lower level collectibles they think could have significant value on the FLOW blockchain later this summer. We are seeing as one example people offering Diamond collectibles for Gold signature cards of the likes of Haaland, Sancho and Saka. While still others are cherishing the unique match footage from Ramos, Bale and Modric. All together these SWAPs have made up about 25% of July’s SWAPPING.

It makes all of us at SWAP extremely happy to know our prior collectibles uniquely crafted for football fans are cherished as much as our latest and greatest collections.

We look forward to setting our one-months SWAPPING record with all of us this July.

Alejandro - Marketing

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