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NFTs El Clasico or No Clasico?

This past week the famed El Clasico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona occurred in the most unique of all venues, Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium. This unique 6,000 seat stadium near the Real Madrid training ground has played host to the Madristas during the pandemic. But to also host El Clasico, now that is special.

So we start with a unique El Clasico venue and then throw in some of the best goals, shots on goal, saves and tackles and quickly you understand why this annual match truly is, well… a classic!

That’s what makes it special to me and that’s the point of NFTs. What’s special to me may not be so special to you. But I want it and I want to remember it forever. In fact I will cherish this victory. Soon I’ll own the NFTs of this season's El Clasicos and I can show them off to my Barcelona supporting roommate. The common bond all of us have is our own special way to keep great sporting memories. Whether it's via ticket stubs stuck to your bedroom wall or framed matchday shirts. Now the mobile first generation have that same desire to curate and keep memories on their phone.

May sound strange to you, why keep a moment on your phone? Don’t forget you probably keep your personal photos and music on your phone already!

That’s why SWAP is so cool. It enables this strong emotional desire to cherish great sporting memories. We all have great emotions toward different moments in time so there should be no surprise NFTs will be a multi-Billion dollar global industry.

At SWAP we are enormously proud to be exclusively producing some great NFT collectible moments from the 2021 El Clasicos. In the past these have been our fastest selling Real Madrid collections so get them while you can!

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