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Paris Blockchain Week

Once a year some of the greatest minds in blockchain development gather in Paris to exchange ideas and views on the latest and greatest within the blockchain industry. This year it will be all virtual of course, but I am still expecting numerous new ideas and new people to meet during the virtual network periods. As a keynote speaker at the 2019 Paris Blockchain conference many were amazed and impressed with the way we applied blockchain to sports. No other speakers had gone into such depth for an industry as global as sports. In fact I almost missed my evening train back to London! So many attendees wanted to know about our Fantastec SWAP product and how it quickly became the #1 downloaded sports app in many countries including the UK. For the 2020 Paris Blockchain Week (Dec 9/10) I am joining in with an open mind to see what else I can learn. Then we can test these new ideas with global consumers before making them additional features for fans around the world. While this will be valuable I must admit I will miss the trip to Paris.

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