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Real Madrid’s Greatest Goals – Bale v Liverpool

“As the Welshman’s body hits the turf he’s already turning to face goal. Looking up he sees the ball sail high past Karius, net rippling. He scrambles to his feet as the crowd leaps off theirs and he runs arms outstretched and roaring. What has he done? Realisation hits as he dives onto his torso, sliding to the corner flag and into the history books like someone who’s just scored one of the greatest goals in a Champions League Final, if not ever.”

Real Madrid’s Epic Goals collection is out now, featuring footage of some of the most memorable goals in recent seasons. For the first time ever you can own these moments on our limited-edition digital collectibles. One of nine new special collections we’ve created for Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal fans during lockdown. Only available on Fantastec SWAP:

Which moments would you like to see immortalised on a digital collectible?

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