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Sweet Secondary Market

It's the first 15-days since Fantastec SWAP launched our secondary market on the FLOW blockchain and all we can say is....WOW! The feedback from our worldwide fan base has been incredible.

The first week alone millions worth of inventory was placed on the market by SWAP fans in over 100 countries. We were humbled knowing we had just created a multi-million dollar economy overnight for our loyal fans. It's kind of fun to watch the free market forces come into play. Initially there were thousands of peer-to-peer offers ranging from $1 to well over $1,000. No doubt there are some great buying opportunities out there. There are a number of inexpensive Real Madrid cards that likely will only increase as the Madristas continue to lead La Liga into the New Year. Yet based upon the chatter on the social channels some are "stalking" our secondary market patiently waiting for those very special player profiles to come onto the market.

Still many others are making strategic purchases to enable them to complete their various SWAP collections and to use within our future rewards ladders, quests and leader boards and games.. That's a clever move.. We'll keep monitoring our very lively secondary market as we hit the final weeks of January. It will be interesting to watch the momentum build and we wish you all good luck as you complete your collections, and build your strategy for future SWAP challenges.


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