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Team Building - F1 Style

It's been a long, challenging but rewarding year for the women and men that craft and create the best NFTs in sport for Fantastec SWAP partners. Whether we are working remotely or in our Silicon Roundabout office we know operating as one is imperative to continually deliver the high results we require. Fantastec is unusual within the NFT sector as we have comprehensive end-to-end NFT designing, testing, crafting and minting production and all in-house. So this week ahead of our migration to the FLOW blockchain many of our team members took to the track for some team building F1 style. As you would imagine it was a highly competitive afternoon, highlighted by ITV London stopping by to get our team's expert views on the final F1 race of the season this weekend in Abu Dhabi. Our lead designer Kashane Smith, proved himself a pretty adept kart driver, yet he

also demonstrated his cool nature in front of the camera when the ITV London crew came calling. In fact ITV loved Kashane's articulation of this weekend's F1 race and what F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has meant to minorities around the globe they ran his comments as a main part of their evening news story. Well done to Kashane for representing Fantastec so well on and off the track!

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