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We listen to our global fans all the time. We appreciate you love our latest NFT designs and value your feedback on the new features we added. As a reminder here are some of our recent upgrades. You wanted more gamification so In January we added our instant rewards ladder. Already over 500 international sports fans have secured some of the most valued prizes within football including an exclusive day with Arsenal invincible Ray Parlour. In February we tested some new leader board competitions and your feedback was once again phenomenal.

In March we shared some new NFT video designs and our global consumer based simply gobbled them all up.

In April we started our unique drop campaigns, always adding new and exciting “Easter eggs” for fans to secure in a fun fashion,.

In May we added the inaugural season of the Real Madrid women’s team. We feel immensely proud we are still the ONLY place to secure complete NFT collections for women’s football. In June we gave you multiple high value NFT hunts and quizzes and many of you said this was your most enjoyable month of the season.

In July we offered some our most uniquely crafted NFTs and once again many of you snapped them up right away.

In August we are starting our countdown clock to moving to the flow blockchain. So in addition to SWAPPING on our primary market you can sell any excess NFTs on our new secondary market. The next 30-days will be very exciting with our move to the flow blockchain coming. But this will not be the only excitement you will see around Fantastec NFTs in the next 60-days. There will be more upgrades and features added than we have done over the past 6-months. So stay tuned and enjoy. Don't forget to give us your feedback about these future upgrades.

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