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Win Pre-Sale Access & Madridista Membership

Join in our latest competition for the chance to secure access to the latest official Real Madrid NFT collection, capturing the moments from their Champions League Group Stage run.

The competition:

Complete your Real Madrid Pearl Training Moments Special Edition collection and enter the leaderboard! It's as simple as that. You can find these NFTs on the secondary market, some for as little as $1!

You have from today, 29/03/22 until 04/04/22 to complete your collection. If you can't get all the NFTs from the secondary market then be sure to join us in Discord April 2nd for our Live Game Event to win packs!

The Prize: Be one of just 50 to complete the collection and enter the leaderboard and you'll get Pre-Sale access to the UCL Group Stages collection!

- 24 hour early access

- 20% off RRP

- A FREE pack from an exclusive & unreleased collection

One lucky entrant, chosen at random, will also receive 1 year Madridista Membership! #HalaMadrid

How to buy NFTs on SWAP?

In the SWAP App we've got a great secondary market that uses FUSD.

You can connect your wallet in-app, go through the necessary KYC, add funds and you're ready to go!

If you're in the US you can participate as well, however there are a few States that are still working things out with cryptocurrencies.

These are:

* Alabama * Connecticut * Florida * Louisiana * Nevada * New Jersey * New Mexico * New York * Oregon * South Dakota * Vermont * Alaska * Hawaii * Puerto Rico * U.S. Virgin Islands * American Samoa

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