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RM Tier 5 Prizedraw T&Cs

RM Tier 5 Prizedraw T&Cs
Legal bases of the competition: “Real Madrid Men's Tier 5 Prizedraw”

Participation in this competition implies the acceptance of and compliance with the following conditions:


1.1. Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd (company number 10757008), hereinafter: “the organiser” and/or “Fantastec”) has organised the following competition: Real Madrid Men's Tier 5 Prizedraw”.

1.2. The aim of the competition organised by Fantastec is to hold a prize draw for a Mystery Box 5. Should it prove impossible to hand the aforementioned prize over to the winner or reserve winner, Fantastec reserve the right to provide a different prize of equal value.

1.3. The competition is regulated by these specific rules which may be accessed via the application Real Madrid Men's Tier 5 Prizedraw”. By entering the competition, any natural person implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules.

1.4. All the information relating to the competition (its conditions and legal basis, instructions about the way the competition works, its organisers, prizes and schedules) can be found in the publicity space designed for the consultation of these legal bases.

1.5 The Prize Draw is administered and run by the Promoter and is not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Real Madrid Men's Football Club.
You acknowledge that Real Madrid Men's shall not have any liability to you in connection with the Competition. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entrant posting an entry or a comment to the Promoter’s email address that is, in the Promoter's opinion, inappropriate, offensive or upsetting to other entrants, fans of the Promoter or directly aimed at the promoter, or contrary to applicable law, and to remove any such entry or comment.


2.1. In order to enter the competition participants must be over the age of 16 (16) on the date on which the competition opens, and their personal information must be correctly filled out in the competition-specific form which can be found via the advertisements.

2.2. To participate, entrants must take the following steps:
1.- STEP 1 - Acquire collectibles by swapping or by getting packs from collection screens to gain Points.
2.- STEP 2 - Reach overall 100,000 Points within the 21/22 Real Madrid Men's Squad Collections.
3.- STEP 3 - Enter Prize Draw on the Rewards ladder before 28-02-2022 23:59:59 GMT.

2.3. For the purposes of the competition, only entrants who have completed all steps outlined will be considered as being valid. Inaccurate information or forms submitted after the set deadline will not be accepted.

2.4. Participants who do not fulfil the requirements stated in this legal basis will have no right to claim the prize.

2.5. The Directors and employees of Fantastec, or their direct family members, or the Directors or employees of intermediary companies cannot take part in the competition, be it directly or indirectly.

2.6. Entries must be made personally by the individual entering the competition, under no circumstances will entries made by third parties be accepted.

2.7. Entering the competition is free of charge.


Competition entries are not restricted to any geographical area and the competition opens at 0:00:01 GMT on the 01-02-2022 and runs until on the 28-02-2022 23:59:59 GMT.


4.1. To participate in the competition, entrants should access the SWAP application and

1.- STEP 1 - Acquire collectibles by swapping or by getting packs from collection screens to gain Points.
2.- STEP 2 - Reach overall 100,000 Points within the 21/22 Real Madrid Men's Squad Collections.
3.- STEP 3 - Enter Prize Draw on the Rewards ladder before 28-02-2022 23:59:59 GMT.

4.2. Among all the participants in the competition, a prize draw will be held for one(1) Mystery Box 5
Should it prove impossible to hand the aforementioned prize over to the winner or reserve winner, Fantastec reserve the right to provide a different prize of equal value.

4.3. The draw will be held between the 01-01-2022 and 08-01-2022 .Fantastec reserves the right to alter the date of the draw at its convenience.


5.1. When the competition closes (see section 3), and following a draw conducted on a random, the following winners and reserve winners will be chosen as the winners of the prize in the current competition:

• One (1) provisional winner of the prize.
• 5 (5) provisional reserve winners.

5.2. Fantastec will inform the winners of the results of the draw and how and when they will be able to collect their prize, via email. The winners will have twenty-four (24) hours to claim their prize.

5.3. In the event that the winner does not reply to the email or they do not get in touch to claim their prize within twenty-four (24) hours, or if they reject the first prize awarded in this competition, said prize shall go to the next reserve winner to have come out of the draw.

5.4. The winner may reject the prize, but under no circumstances shall the prize be exchanged for money.


Entrants to the competition freely grant Fantastec any sort of rights which they may be entitled to in relation to the information presented for the competition through their profile, and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, disclosure, and putting it at the disposition of the public, as well as the right of adaptation, including on the telecommunication networks and the internet for everyone's consumption and its entry into the public domain, with the organising committee being able to grant and transfer this information via any medium and also allowing third parties to licence these rights.


7.1. Under no circumstances do the pages or profiles of entrants represent Fantastec, and as such, Fantastec is not responsible for the content published on them.

7.2. Fantastec reserves the right to delay, cancel, change the rules, repeat or terminate the competition at any time in the event of exceptional circumstances, whilst informing of these circumstances in such a way so that they do not prove detrimental to the entrants in any way.

7.3. Non-compliance with any of the basis laid down herein shall give the organiser of the competition full discretion to disqualify the entrant at any time; likewise, the organiser reserves the exclusive right to reject the right for entrants to take part if they consider that the conditions established here have been infringed upon.

7.4. In the event that the organiser has reasonable suspicions that an entrant has committed fraud, manipulation, has been dishonest or does not meet the entry requirements, they shall refuse to award the prize which has been won or disqualify the entrant.

7.5. In the event of an error, a misunderstanding or conflict in relation to the way any element of the competition works, or with the behaviour of an entrant, the decision made by the organiser in this regard will be definitive and final.

7.6. The organiser reserves the right to take the necessary decisions to ensure that the competition runs smoothly, with these being expressly accepted by all entrants.

7.7. In no way shall the organiser be responsible for the non-compliance or any type of infraction relating to this competition and shall not be held liable in the event of losses suffered by entrants caused by the prizes or any other aspects of the competition.

7.8. Likewise, the organiser shall not be held liable for damages suffered by an entrant arising from their enjoyment of the prize.

7.9. The entrant exempts the organiser of all liability and shall indemnify them against any claims as a result of the damages which may arise from activities carried out with the awarded prize.


8.1. The organiser reserves the right to use the names, surnames and the images of the entrants, to reproduce them and use them in any advertising and promotional activities related to the competition without this usage involving any right to payment or any type of benefits.

8.2. The organiser may use the names, surnames and images of the entrants on its web site and in other media as it sees fit.


The data controller for your data Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd (company number 10757008). Your personal data will be processed for the primary purpose of managing your participation in the competitions, including the award of the prize, as well as for sending personalised commercial communications related Fantastec products and services.

In regard to the sending of commercial communications related to products and services related to Fantastec, provided that this is carried out by electronic means, it will be legitimate in terms of satisfying Fantastec legitimate interests in accordance with article 21 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce, as well as the European Regulation on Electronic Commercial Communications.

Additionally, and providing you give us your consent, Fantastec will proceed to communicate your personal information to collaborators and sponsors of the club for the development of commercial activities (via email, mailing, fax, SMS, email and any telematic means) both of a general nature and those adapted to your personal characteristics.

We likewise inform you that Fantastec reserves the right not to use the content published by the participants when said content is inadequate or offensive. In no case will Fantastec take responsibility for the content published by the participants, being the participants the only ones responsible for the damages and losses that the inappropriate content of the profiles could cause Fantastec or any third party.

You may access, rectify and erase your data, or oppose certain uses thereof via email, as well as exercise other additional rights that are explained in the detailed data protection information by addressing an email to You can find further information regarding data protection at the following link:

CONTACT: If you have any questions about the Prize Draw, please write to Fantastec, Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd. 125 Wood Street, London EC2V 7AW United Kingdom

RM Tier 5 Prizedraw T&Cs
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