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SWAP 2019

Digital Collectible Pioneers with Purpose

Meet Steve and Simon, Co-Founders

In February 2019, we launched Fantastec SWAP with three of Europe’s biggest clubs, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid. Fantastec was the first to create Digital Collectibles capturing ‘moments’ of player and club history, and made them available to football fans around the globe via one click on the APP store. 

SWAP’s Digital Collectibles quickly became cherished by fans young and old. We pushed the boundaries with vibrant designs, dynamic videos co-created with many of Europe's biggest football stars. Fantastec SWAP were the first Digital Collectibles to create authentic digital autographs, to alleviate the pain points international fans often felt in this age of fake signatures. 

Our first collections gave equal prominence to Arsenal women's and men's team as we led the way to give fan's of women's football more engagement tools. 

'Like the stickers I collected as a kid but now on my phone.

And the video of Aubameyang is really cool!'

- Shaun, 34

'Love how the players got involved with their own collectible. Plus Sancho is going to be a star in years to come!'

- Terri, 25

'One of the best players in the world doing his celebration and I own it forever? I'll SWAP to that!

- Richard, 42

'There's nothing out there for Women's football and then suddenly we get digital autographs! Thank you SWAP & Arsenal for this!'

- Jane, 19

From day 1 Fantastec SWAP has had global sports fans at our core. That's why we launched another Digital Collectible first where the digital and experiential were mixed. After completing a unique Digital Collectible collection, two lucky SWAP players received an all expenses paid trip to the USA with VIP seats to watch our SWAP clubs play! Our fans responded and we have now made these types of activities core to our annual fan engagement campaigns

Screenshot 2021-07-21 091623.png
Screenshot 2021-07-21 091605.png

Don't worry if you think you missed out on some of these valued Digital Collectible. Our robust secondary market where peer-to-peer sales occur has a wide variety of these pioneering Digital Collectibles from our inaugural season. 

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