SWAP 2018/2019

A New Beginning

Meet Steve and Simon, Co-Founders of Fantastec SWAP

In 2019 their company, Fantastec, launched Fantastec SWAP with three of Europe’s biggest clubs, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid. Fantastec was the first to create NFTs capturing ‘moments’ of player and club history, and made the opportunity available to any football team in the world.

SWAP’s NFTs had vibrant videos co-created by the players, and were the first ever NFT’s to host authentic digital autographs, created in plain sight by the players. SWAP’s NFT offer was leading the way.

New signings, team stars, and club legends - all made available as NFTs, for fans to curate and cherish forever. Oh and they come alive…

'Like the stickers I collected as a kid but now on my phone.

And the video of Aubameyang is really cool!'

- Shaun, 34

'Love how the players got involved with their own collectible. Plus Sancho is going to be a star in years to come!'

- Terri, 25

'One of the best players in the world doing his celebration and I own it forever? I'll SWAP to that!

- Richard, 42

'There's nothing out there for Women's football and then suddenly we get digital autographs! Thank you SWAP & Arsenal for this!'

- Jane, 19

Fantastec SWAP has global football fans at its core. We launched a competition for two lucky SWAP players to go on an all expenses paid experience to the USA and watch all three of our clubs play! This first of many prized experiences we’d offer to reward our swap fans.

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Screenshot 2021-07-21 091605.png

Fantastec was the first to do anything like this in the NFT space. To find NFTs  from our opening 2018/19 season is extremely difficult. Fans are holding onto these, waiting for the end of summer when we launch our Secondary Market. 

If the recent NFT boom is anything to go by, still image autographs can sell for huge bucks $$$. Sometimes six or seven figures. So, if you have the chance to secure these NFTs, grab them in any way you can before it's too late!