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SWAP 2019/2020

Our first full like a Rocket 

In September 2019 SWAP launched our first full BETA season Arsenal, BVB and Real Madrid. Uniquely we also  had our first ever SWAP club transfer, Dani Ceballos from Madrid to the Gunners. Based upon fan feedback we created collections around the magical moments fans cherish. We also added more signatures, behind the scenes training videos and more sweet animations!

2019/20 was a massive rookie signing season for our clubs, including Rodrygo, Martinelli and Haaland. This of course brough increased attention to our exclusive NFTs.

As promised we sent out prizes to fans who completed collections, gave tickets to games in the Champions League, La Liga and box tickets to the FA Cup. 

Screenshot 2021-07-21 092258.png
Screenshot 2021-07-21 101830.png
Screenshot 2021-07-21 101754.png

We quickly raced to the number 1 downloaded freemium sports app spot in a number of countries including the football mad UK.  OK maybe some on our team had momentary satisfaction pushing Man United to #2 and SkyBet to #3 but after a few celebratory pints we go back to work making great NFTs for fans around the globe. 

'I bought the last pack available and got this NFT. I was at the game when it  really happened. This brings back all the emotions'

- Jose 31

'One, if not the, most iconic UCL moments in history. Still wrapping my head around the fact I own a part of it'

- John 52


He's going to be a star, just wait and see!'

- Klaus 22

'Yes more VDD content! I love it, keep it coming SWAP'

- Charlie 21

Screenshot 2021-07-21 102811.png

We continued to test new designs, new markets and new channels to reach fans.

Tik Tok was in its infancy but we agreed with our partner Real Madrid this was a great way to reach a younger and more Asia-Pacific skewed audience based upon the data points we reviewed.

Our Tik Tok video went viral quickly reaching one million fans in less than 48-hours.

Tik Tok's Sanjit Sarkar stated, 

'Fantastec continue to be one of the sports sector leaders on TikTok'

The magical moments created with the world’s top players were a joy to create as our NFTs have their scarcity and authenticity protected. The uber-positive reaction of SWAP fans made it that much more special. Looking back, the whole Fantastec team pulled together during a strange pandemic time to create something at the cutting edge of art and digital collectibles.

Many of these cherished NFTs will remain with sports fans for a long time. But some of our early fans have duplicates or a reason to dispose of parts of their collections. If you are interested in this era of NFTs visit our peer-to-peer secondary marketplace where you can scoop some real gems. 

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