SWAP 2019/2020

All was well, until...

In late 2019 SWAP launched season 2 of its NFTS for Arsenal, BVB and Real Madrid. We had our first ever SWAP club transfer, Dani Ceballos from Madrid to the Gunners. We had more signatures, behind the scenes video and more sweet animations!

Massive rookie signings for all clubs, including Rodrygo, Martinelli and Haaland, brought great attention to their exclusive NFTs.

As promised we sent out prizes to fans who completed collections, gave tickets to games in the Champions League, La Liga and box tickets to the FA Cup. 

Screenshot 2021-07-21 092258.png
Screenshot 2021-07-21 101830.png
Screenshot 2021-07-21 101754.png

And then....We all had to work from home. Did we give up? Did we sit on our hands and wait for it to blow over? Or did we make the coolest NFTs on the planet?

'I bought the last pack available and got this NFT. I was at the game when it  really happened. This brings back all the emotions'

- Jose 31

- John 52

'One, if not the, most iconic UCL moments in history. Still wrapping my head around the fact I own a part of it'


He's going to be a star, just wait and see!'

- Klaus 22

'Yes more VDD content! I love it, keep it coming SWAP'

- Charlie 21

Screenshot 2021-07-21 102811.png

We also went viral on TikTok! The fasted growing social media platform was a great test for not only us but also Real Madrid. They posted a video showing a selection of players signing their numbers. Over the next few days the video hit 1 million plays!

Sanjit Sarkar who works at TikTok said,

'Fantastec continue to be one of the sports sector leaders on TikTok'

The magical moments created by the world’s top players were a joy to create as NFTs that have their scarcity and authenticity protected. The reaction of SWAP fans made it that much more special. Looking back, the whole Fantastec team pulled together to create something at the cutting edge of art and digital collectibles.

We made available the first ever goal footage moment for Real Madrid as GOLD Special NFT’s. Once they become available on our secondary marketplace - moving to FLOW and introducing a new community of collectors, our early adopter users may well get very excited about their value.