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SWAP 2020/2021

More Digital Collectible Winners for Sports Fans

We did not allow the pandemic to slow down our progress. After testing heavily with fans now cheering and working remotely we added added some amazing new features and collections to the app

As one example our Instant Rewards Ladder allows consumers to earn prizes at their pace while also getting registered for bigger prizes when reaching different prize levels. Fans loved the utility we were adding to our Digital Collectibles and were very fond of the unique money can't buy prizes on offer. 

Our collections and collection designs were something to behold as well. 

Our new play-to-earn activities provided fans something they couldn't receive anywhere else. Imagine entering a a digital locker room from the Arsenal Invincible era. Then none other than Ray Parlour appears and provides inside stories and unforgettable anecdotes from his days on the team. To top it off you get to watch the final match of the season with Ray providing the commentary.  Bloody priceless is what fan's told us. 

afc vip.png
watch along.png

Our sports mad and diverse design team continually pre-test our Digital Collectible collections with multiple consumers before they are made publicly available. That's how we ensure they will be highly desired and also why over 87% of our summer drops sold out within 48-hours. 

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