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Fantastec SWAP NFTs Flow into College Athletics

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

  • A pioneer in sports NFTs, Fantastec SWAP is accelerating opportunities for U.S. college athletic departments and student-athletes.

  • Fantastec SWAP NFTs are built on the Flow blockchain, an industry leader.

  • Student-athletes are able to benefit through name, image and likeness licensing.

Orlando, Fla. (May 3) – Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd. is accelerating the distribution of its non-fungible token (NFT) offerings to U.S. college athletic departments, the organization announced today. By building on Flow, the next-generation blockchain known for industry-leading NFT properties such as NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, Fantastec SWAP is providing a critical foundation for sports NFT growth across the United States. Since 2019, Fantastec SWAP has successfully created relationships with European soccer clubs Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and 13-time European champions Real Madrid.

“University athletic directors are excited about our unique ability to craft authentic NFTs at scale that are highly desired by college sports fans,” stated Steve Madincea, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fantastec SWAP. “Multiple athletic directors told us they immediately required an NFT partner that could create engaging NFTs for every one of their sports and student-athletes. This size of scale, while exceedingly difficult for most, is exactly what we have delivered since our first NFT creations launched in 2019 with our European soccer clubs.”

Cutting-edge design and unrivaled intellectual property management are core competencies for Fantastec SWAP. It has created and maintains more than two million dynamic NFTs that are enjoyed by sports fans around the world. Fantastec SWAP is providing schools, student-athletes and fans with best-in-class security by working with Flow, a decentralized platform designed to be the foundation of Web3 and the open metaverse.

“As a sustainability-minded enterprise, we purposely chose to build on Flow for universities and student-athletes,” said Madincea. “Flow’s energy-efficient platform, in addition to its speed and reliability for consumers, made them perfect for our technology stack. In fact, Deloitte Canada conducted an audit where ‘minting’ or creating an NFT on Flow takes less energy than a post on a social networking site.”

Fantastec Swap will develop customized NFTs for each school as agreements are made. In accordance with name, image and likeness parameters, each student-athlete will have the opportunity to sign through a group licensing agent, or with Fantastec directly.

“The best part of the unique end-to-end NFT production process we have created is it will allow every student-athlete to earn incremental revenue while staying focused on the classroom and their sporting activities,” said Madincea.

Fantastec SWAP’s growth across the U.S. has been supported by prior investors including Dan DeVos, Chairman of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and Judith Griggs, whose own extensive legal and intellectual property career in Formula 1® spanned 27 years. Additional support has been received from Satish Korde, a recognized industry leader in brand and strategic development, and Chris Adelsbach, founder of Outrun Ventures and a global leader with university alumni associations.

“During my 27 years inside Formula 1® we had numerous growth opportunities around the globe but perhaps none as game changing as the cross-section of NFTs and NIL within the NCAA ecosystem,” stated Griggs, a Fantastec SWAP investor/advisor. “It is therefore crucial for the universities and conferences to have partners, like Fantastec SWAP, that can produce world-class NFTs and fully understand the intellectual property and compliance landscape to shape the right smart contracts that could last for perpetuity.”

“I’ve invested in hundreds of start-ups around the world, but few companies have excited me as much as the plans Fantastec SWAP have for the university market,” stated Adelsbach, Founder at Outrun Ventures.

Fantastec SWAP NFTs featuring college student-athletes will be available via a state-of-the-art mobile app as well as a progressive web app created especially for sports fans.


About Fantastec SWAP: Downloadable via the Apple APP store, GOOGLE play or accessed through our progressive desktop WEBAPP, Fantastec SWAP crafts the most authentic NFTs in sports. SWAP’s unique end-to-end NFT production process incorporates curation of magical moments, consumer testing for design and price variants, NFT crafting at 15-different scarcity levels, engineering smart contracts incorporating compliance issues and minting on the blockchain. Since February 2019 SWAP has created over 2 million official NFTs for sports fans in 200+ territories and countries. SWAP began life via American Entrepreneur Steve Madincea and British product creator Simon Woollard in London England. It now boasts full-time and contract personnel between the US and the UK allowing SWAP to produce NFTs and engage with consumers 24/7. For further information about Fantastec SWAP please visit or download the Fantastec SWAP app at any app store.

Campbell Marketing & Communications for Fantastec SWAP

Matt Trevor | 734-649-1502 |

About Flow:

Flow is the blockchain designed to be the foundation of Web3 and the open metaverse, supporting consumer-scale decentralized applications, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and more. Powered by Cadence, an original programming language built specifically for digital assets, Flow empowers developers to innovate and push the limits that will bring the next billion to Web3. Created by a team that has consistently delivered industry-leading consumer-scale Web3 experiences including CryptoKitties, Dapper, and NBA Top Shot, Flow is an open, decentralized platform with a thriving ecosystem of creators from top brands, development studios, venture-backed startups, crypto leaders, and more. For more information, visit

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