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NFTs Worth the Squeeze: Syracuse Juiced to Join Fantastec SWAP

Syracuse becomes the first NCAA school to partner with leading NFT sports creator.

June 20, 2022

(New York) – Syracuse University Athletics and Fantastec SWAP announced today their multi-year partnership to create non-fungible tokens (NFT) ahead of NFT.NYC. The NFTs or digital collectibles, can be collected, SWAPPED, and sold by fans around the globe via the Fantastec SWAP app. The Syracuse “Season Preview Collection” will be available Thursday (June 23). Throughout the academic year more utilities will be added.

SWAP uniquely produces NFTs at scale meaning any or all of the 600+ Syracuse student-athletes signing up for the 2022-23 campaign can have their own NFTs as part of the official Syracuse sports collection.

Since 2019 Fantastec SWAP has produced industry leading NFTs for the top European football/soccer clubs including Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, and 14-times European Champions Real Madrid. Fantastec SWAP is uniquely available via the APP stores allowing easy access for the mobile-first generation.

“We are thrilled that our student-athletes will benefit from their likeness in conjunction with the Block S,” said Syracuse Director of Athletics John Wildhack. "Fantastec SWAP is an industry leader in creativity and technical prowess. As the first NCAA program to collaborate with Fantastec SWAP, our student-athletes have another unique opportunity to expand their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) portfolio and engage with our fans in a new and innovative way.”

Fantastec SWAP is built on the Flow blockchain, meaning Syracuse student-athletes will be part of the largest sports NFT ecosystem that also houses NBA Top Shot, the UFC, and NFL All Day.

"Syracuse is an ideal launch partner for our NCAA initiatives because their enthusiasm matches ours in creating unique NFT products that will be engaging to fans while benefiting student-athletes,” said Steve Madincea, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fantastec SWAP. “Together, we plan to maximize the utility of what NFTs can truly accomplish for Syracuse supporters.”

Syracuse Athletics NFTs will debut when the “Season Preview Collection” becomes available on Thursday (June 23). Additional collections will be announced via the Fantastec SWAP app.

About Fantastec SWAP: Downloadable via the Apple APP store, GOOGLE play or accessed through our progressive desktop WEBAPP (, Fantastec SWAP crafts authentic NFTs for sports fans. SWAP’s unique end-to-end NFT production process incorporates curation of magical moments, consumer testing for design variants, NFT crafting at different scarcity levels, engineering smart contracts incorporating vital compliance issues and minting on the blockchain. Since February 2019 SWAP has created over 2 million official NFTs for sports stars and fans in 200+ territories and countries. SWAP began life via American Entrepreneur Steve Madincea and British product creator Simon Woollard in London England. It now boasts US and UK personnel allowing SWAP to produce NFTs and engage with consumers 24/7. For further information about Fantastec SWAP please visit or download Fantastec SWAP app at any app store.

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